The 8 Types of Controllable Risk Factors that are Threatening Your Business

I want to share with you an empowering fact.

No matter the challenges are thrown at us by the global pandemic of COVID-19…

Many, if not most of the keys to surviving and thriving in this economy are internal business issues that remain within your control.

This is a perfect time, in fact, it is the essential time to work on your internal business fundamentals. The controllable risk factors mentioned above are hiding within these business fundamental categories:  Planning, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, People, Operations, Finance, and Legal.

Where is your company strong?  Where can improvements be made?  What areas of weakness are making your business vulnerable to outside forces?



The three important questions to jumpstart transformation

As you think through each category one at a time, ask yourself the following questions:

  • “Within each category, what are the specific factors and processes that I can improve?”
  • “What does world-class execution look like and how can I move my company toward that ideal standard?”
  • “What action can I take today to strengthen each controllable factor so that my company can become more sustainable, predictable, and transferrable?”

Answering the above questions will not only help you jumpstart transformation, but it will also reveal the keys to a stronger and more sustainable company.

If you want help with this exercise, Accretive Value Advisors have perfected a process that helps companies improve their business from the inside out…

Accretive value growth is strategic, continuous improvement of the controllable factors that put a lid on your profitability and cash flow.

We will help you identify, measure, and improve these eight categories of controllable factors so you and your company can emerge from any crisis stronger than ever.

Are you ready? Then let’s get to work.

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