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Our Promise:

2x Company Value
10x Transition Options

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Improved Quality
Lower Risk
Higher Value
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What they say about us...

Jeff Farren provides the kind of strategic leadership all growth minded companies should be looking to leverage, regardless of the size and scope of the industry they are in. He has the ability to bring solutions for difficult problems to light in a way that encourages others to embrace the problem solving process even if they disagree with his specific suggestion; he is a facilitator of positive change.
Jasen Coldiron
Chief Operating Officer - Mainstreet
Because of Jeff’s help, we were able to sell the company for about 5x EBIDTA. We would not have been in that position without the expertise and mentorship that Jeff brought to the team.
James Cowell
Owner -
We needed some strategic background and assistance with thoroughly understanding our financials and establishing short-term and long-term projections. Thanks to Jeff’s guidance, I have a greater peace of mind in knowing what our financial picture looks like and a greater understanding of where we are headed.
Alison Martin-Books
Chief Mentoring Officer - Diverse Talent Strategies
I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know how to go about resolving the growing accounting issues that were becoming obvious in my young startup business. Working with Jeff has allowed me to have confidence in our accounting program, focus on growing the business, and has helped me better manage the part of running a business as a new business owner that I was not familiar with, or felt comfortable with.
Diane Geddes
President/CEO - Repairmed
We were not making strategic business decisions from solid planning. Jeff created a road map to financial strength that drives the company rather than hold it back. Having him on the team strengthens our foundation and increases our odds of hitting our business goals…out of the park.
Greg Huffman
Owner - Zoe Facility Services
We were in the middle of being acquired and Jeff came in and helped us value our company with the current industry standard so we could determine a fair purchase price. During negotiations it became apparent that the acquirer was trying to cut our already negotiated price. If Jeff was not involved, we may have lost 250k on the deal. Our business sale has now been completed and we are moving on to a new chapter thanks to Jeff.
Todd Eaton
Owner - N2N Technologies
I have worked with Jeff for many years and he has helped MBF with many facets of its financial health that have allowed us to grow exponentially.
Scott Callahan
Founder and Managing Director- Midwest Business Funding

The Value Builder Assessment

In just 13 minutes, your company’s Value Builder Score is calculated.  But what is the raw score telling you? The Value Builder Assessment provides the context to understand what the score reveals about your company’s current state.

Financial Performance Accelerator™

The most common weakness in growing companies is financial infrastructure.  Flaws manifest in inaccurate financial statements, no budgets or forecasts, lack of visibility into negative cash flow cycles…

The Accretive

Most business owners don’t know and can’t measure the number one factor limiting the value of their business…company specific risk.  We have a proven process to improve the business quality from the inside out. 

The Accretive Process™

Do you know what is holding you back?

Most business owners don’t know and can’t measure the number one factor limiting the value of their business…company specific risk.

The Intrinsic Value of your business (and every financial asset) is the net present value of future cash flows.  To understand the distinction between Intrinsic Value and Transaction Value keep reading.

Is your business cash flow:

• Sustainable? 
• Predictable? 
• Transferable?

The Accretive Process identifies and measures the qualitative factors of the company which could impact its future cash flows, favorably or unfavorably.  The eight functional areas of every company are broken down into 160 subcategories and are measured against best in class standards.  Our unique, research-based algorithm converts quality and risk elements into a risk factor…the company specific risk premium.  This calculated risk premium is then blended to create the discount rate used to compute Intrinsic Value.

These quality and risk factors are within your control…you simply need some education.